Downfall: The New Uprising

In this great city of ours, nothing is more true than this:
Detroit is flooded with independent bands.

We couldn't agree more, but while you may think this is a negative statement, we think it's a huge compliment. As an original band we've played with many other great bands that you may never hear, see, or have the chance to appreciate the way we do. If nothing else (and there's so much more), that is something that every member of Downfall is grateful for.

We were founded in 2002, and have been able to not only catch some great bands, but stand on some incredible stages and see thousands of faces who love to just rock out. We've been down, but never out. This most recent lineup includes a bassist who's toured with the Wheels (if you know who Mitch Ryder is), a Gold Note winner (if you know what the DMAs are), and two founding members who have kept the dream alive. We are very proud of what we have done, and promise to bring new material in the summer to those who have been so loyal-there are quite a few. Thanks for reading so far, supporting what we do, what other local bands are doing, and the great big D for making us who we are.

If you dig our spin on heavy melodic rock, take a tour through our site. You can read a little bit about the Downfall family, hear some studio tunes, watch some vids (via youtube) grab a cliche rock T, buy tickets (when available), join our mailing list or take a minute and give us your two cents.

We're just glad you found your way.

And as always, if you're going to have a Downfall, at least let it be us.